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Posted by admin December 17th, 2009

Stuff we need to know, as a people, as a race, as a glorious product of our ancestors. This new book by Jim Clingman contains knowledge that makes it plain. Here is what others have said:

I believe James Clingman is a prophetic voice, a messiah born to the lost-found brothers and sisters in the Diaspora. This book is a magnificent piece of work, committed to healing the ‘dollar deficiency’ of the Blackman. Jim echoes the clarion call of the blessed giants in an articulate and simple formula, therefore Black America has no excuse for failing to take this magic pill. With the birth of Black-O-Knowledge, a life jacket has been thrown to the Black man and woman of today. Hurray James Clingman!

Mustapha Ahmed Sanah, Ghana, West Africa

Black-O-Knowledge is to Blacks as the RED SEA was to the children of Israel-salvation. Jim, with his “cut to the chase” approach, lays it out so plainly that a child can grasp it.

While you may only need an ounce of faith to set freedom in motion, you need pounds of work to secure it. If we perish, it’s not because of lack of knowledge, it’s because we reject knowledge, for Jim has given us knowledge.

Dr. Rosie Milligan
Founder of Black Writers On Tour

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