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Book 2
Black people should be part of a “rainbow movement” and stand up for other “minorities” to achieve our economic goals. Right? Black people need more politicians who support our causes. Right? Black people should be incredibly proud every time we have another “first Black”: a first BLACK CEO, a first Black politician, a first Black board member. Right? Black people should never let go of the dream that Martin Luther King had for the future of our people.Right?Wrong! All Wrong!

In his provocative new book, Blackonomic$: The way to Psychological and Economic Freedom for African Americans, James Clingman disputes long-accepted and closely held beliefs about how to achieve black economic empowerment.
The author explains:

  • Blacks must help themselves before they can help other minorities.
  • Econmic power is more useful than political power.
  • Stop counting to one when Black people are appointed to certain positions “Call me when the number reaches 1,000”.
  • It’s time to stop dreaming it’s time for action.This outstanding array of “true freedom” messages is an absolute necessity for every Black American and an important lesson for all Americans.

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